Flowers An Affinity for Aesthetics (Expressly for Men)

A woman appreciates the emotional beauty of a setting. She’ll be more receptive to the pleasurable possibilities of the evening if you welcome her into a harmonious environment where she can cast aside the day’s stresses and refresh. Keep in mind that men and women enjoy a different path to pleasure.

You might choose to engage in physical pleasures as a way to achieve relaxation but your female companion will better appreciate the joy of intimacy if she feels rested and relieved of stress prior to a rendezvous.

For this special evening strive to infuse your living space with sensuality. Add arrangements of fresh flowers and offer soft candlelight. Have romantic, melodious music playing softly. Present a well-groomed, fresh appearance and display polite manners. These special touches demonstrate your thoughtfulness and gently hint at your romantic intentions.


Like all sensuous pleasures, the beauty of flowers touches a woman’s soul. The sight of freshly cut flowers adds to the sensory experience blooming around her. Red roses can stir passion. Long stemmed tulips are treasured for their sinuous curves and grace. A freshly picked bouquet of daisies imparts a casual, more playful mood while a spray of white orchids sends a message of elegance and luxury. Learn the language of flowers and add more natural beauty to your surroundings.

Georgia OKeeffes Red Canna flowers Flowers also add an element of the erotic to your home for they are sexual organs. Visually, orchids, roses and cannas are thought to be symbolic of a woman’s private parts while varieties such as the calla lilly are recognized as phallic symbols. Consider Georgia O’Keefe’s Red Canna. Is it suggestive? [Refer to the image.] Many people notice a resemblance to the female anatomy.

The aroma of flowers can also make an erotic suggestion. The Italian “erba connina” is redolent of a woman’s intimate body parts while a whiff of henna flowers causes some to associate it with the smell of a man’s semen. Scents which mimic the natural perfume of the human body have been determined to be particularly arousing to many people. Understanding the nature of flowers and can help establish the mood for your special evening with her. This is a dinner of seduction…pull out all the stops and inspire her imagination.

“Come live with me and be my love
and I will make thee beds of roses”
Christopher Marlowe

For the dining room, suggestions to facilitate the selection of flowers.

First, choose flowers that have little perfume. Just as scented candles can interfere with the flavor and aromas of food or wine, flowers such as freesia, narcissus and carnations present a perfume that can overwhelm. Secondly, position flowers so that you and your lover can gaze at one another while seated.

Either keep the floral arrangement low or select tall, slim vases and arrange flowers in an airy style so that the line of sight remains open. Tulips, jonquils, calla lilies, and ferns set in tall crystal vases make stunning visual statements. Clusters of violets, camellias floated in water, and potted impatiens offer lovely shorter statured beauty. Attractively arrranged seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs also add wonderful non-floral decoration.

Remember to add a drop of liquid bleach or a commercial flower preservative to each vase to keep the water clear and fresh. Thirdly, use a reputable florist and select only flowers at their peak of freshness and blossom. If convenience is a concern, use a floral designer. They’re a valuable time saver. The secret to ordering a beautifully designed bouquet is to meet in person with the designer to discuss your needs.

Take the time to explain the romantic mood of evening and offer information (a photograph is best) about the table setting. The last thing you want is a boring clump of flowers on your table.

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