Fontina cheese

fotina cheese Production area: Valley of Aosta.

fotina cheese

There are two types of fotina cheese: summer cheese, made ​​with creamy milk to 4.5% from pastures located beyond 3000 meters, particularly sensitive to the forage-rich herbs ans winter cheese, made ​​with creamy milk to 4.2% from pasture spontaneous located between 600 and 1600 meters.

The release for consumption is usually between the third and eighth month, but also the Fontina cheese can be aged up to three years becoming more pungent. Fontina cheese has a soft texture with tiny holes rather than round, straw-colored, soft crust and slightly concave heel.

It has a high nutritional value and contains a fat that goes from 45 to 52%. The shapes range from 10 to 12 kg with a height of 8 cm and 50 in diameter .

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