Foot Cramps and Circulation Problems

When walking causes foot cramps

I’ve been walking for two weeks now and I am having problems with my feet! I find that they fall asleep and when I try to walk over 3.5 mph they have severe cramps. What’s wrong?

I don’t know what’s wrong, but I would suggest several things. Check your shoe size. Do you have a shoe that is really wide enough and long enough? You should be able to fit the width of your thumb into the space in front of your longest toe. Trace your bare foot: You should be able to cut out the tracing and place it on the bottom of your shoe, without finding any overlap. If you do, I suggest going in search of a shoe that really fits.

If you’ve only been walking for two weeks, you may be trying to do way too much too soon. Your body has to get conditioned to walk fast, so if you’re comfortable at three miles an hour, stay at that pace and walk a little farther instead of trying to go faster. If your cramps and numbness continue, see your doctor.

Also, if you have or suspect your might have Diabetes or any other health condition that affects circulation, see you doctor right away before continuing with your walking program.

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