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Compost your poop

Should You Compost Your Poop? Studies and best composting systems!

While many of the nutrients we eat are released in a convenient liquid form (which is why diluted urine is great for immediate use in the garden or compost pile), the residual bulk and nutrients are delivered in a somewhat more problematic form: poop. Why problematic? Well, it’s heavy, bulky, and smelly, but, most importantly, in …

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The Phlox wildflowers

The Phloxes Flowers

Many wildflowers bloom early in spring, making use of sunlight that reaches the ground before the trees leaf out. Some are ephemeral, disappearing in summer’s heat. I prefer double-duty plants, whose foliage remains as a groundcover or background. The Phlox wildflowers are among the loveliest of these. Wild Blue Phlox One of my favorites is …

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Oatlands Plantation 2

Oatlands Plantation

Two defining features of the Oatlands Plantation Gardens are the terraces installed in the early 1800’s by the plantation builder, George C. Carter, and the English boxwood parterres added in the early 1900’s by Mrs. Edith Corcoran Eustis, wife of the second owner. In the Spring of 1994, the lovely green geometric patterns so familiar …

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composting - how to make compost

Composting – a method of decomposing garden waste

What is Composting? Composting can be defined as a method of decomposing garden waste under controlled conditions. Leaves, grass clippings and weeds are broken down by microorganisms into a dark, crumbly material called humus. The art of composting is setting up and maintaining the environmental conditions under which these microorganisms work best. A Fall Activity …

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Hemerocallis Headaches 5

Hemerocallis Headaches

Daylilies have enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years. With their adaptability to heat and drought and their spectrum of colorful flowers, they have a well earned reputation as low maintenance perennials that fit the lifestyle of the busy gardener. Daylilies are not without pest problems, however. Fortunately, most are not serious and can …

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