Garlic/fish oil double whammy – LipoGuard

What it is

This combo of fish oil and garlic may pack a double whammy: Garlic lowers cholesterol, while fish oil lowers triglycerides, another blood fat that’s linked to heart disease if its levels get too high.

What research shows

In the single, month-long study of LipoGuard, 40 men and women with cholesterol or triglycerides over 200 saw their cholesterol levels drop an average of 11%, LDL drop 10%, and triglycerides drop a sharp 34%. Study author N. Charle Morcos, MD, professor of medicine at the University of California at Irvine, points out that earlier studies using either garlic or fish oil alone had lesser responses. Furthermore, the cardiac risk factor (ratio of bad to good cholesterol) dropped by 19%. “Combining the two seems to result in an enhanced effect,” says Dr. Morcos.


“In theory, this combination should work, though I’d like to see more data on it,” says Dr. Kritchevsky. While no significant side effects have been observed, Dr. Morcos notes that people with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia or people taking other medications such as aspirin should consult their doctors before using this product.


LipoGuard’s recommended dosage is 4 to 10 capsules a day. A month’s supply of 4 daily capsules costs about $53.

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