Get Your Insulin Without the Needles

Some diabetics who face painful insulin injections may never have to stick themselves with a needle again. A new system called Injex 30 uses air – not needles – to push insulin through the skin.

Injex 30 new system that uses air

Patients who have tried it say they feel pressure but no pain. Some physicians say that may make patients more likely to take their medicine regularly, and that could reduce complications and save lives.

To start the process, you simply close the device to force compressed air into the needle-free injector. Then you fill a special ampoule with insulin – just as if you were filling a syringe. You attach the ampoule to the injector, press it against your arm and push the trigger.

Some physicians say it may be one of the best needle-free injection devices ever made, and it could become a standard and useful way to inject insulin.

I’ve seen many diabetics in the emergency room who are near death after they didn’t take their insulin because the shots were too troublesome or painful. A new device like this could not only prevent pain, but it may even save lives.

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