Ghost Busters: Energy Cords

Energy cords are like umbilical cords, except they exist on different energetic and dimensional planes. They can be very thin, or very thick, and can appear as very light or very dark streamers coming out of your energy fields/bodies. They can be superficially hooked onto you (there is a deeper reason why they call prostitutes “hookers”), or deeply plugged into one (or more) of your dimensional bodies, or numerous levels of your energy fields. Imagine a telephone wire that is connected to your home. It may seem handy at first, being able to call in and out to your friends, but once you are wired, it becomes very hard to prevent just anyone from contacting you, especially if your “friends” are giving your number out to others… You could easily be inundated with salesmen or crank callers, any time of the day or night. Just imagine if you had one of these wires plugged into your brain, or into your sex chakra, or your heart,…? Maybe you allowed this to happen, getting plugged into someone you felt close to at one point, yet the relationship changed (as they all do), or maybe you inadverdently, in a moment of lost integrity, let slip your protective barriers, and someone or thing slipped a hook onto you, or plugged one into you. This happens quite a lot, especially between men and women (“she got her hooks into him”).

Most of the time, these hooks or plugs seem pretty innocuous at first, very light, maybe even golden and brightly colored. Cords, no matter how attractive or light or energizing, are ties that bind and limit your freedom…gilded chains are still chains…and looks are deceiving. The cord may appear to be beautiful and of the light (the entity is showing you its good side) yet where does this cord lead to ? When we have followed all of these cords back to their origins, we have found extemely evil, manipulative entities/consciousnesses behind them, pulling these strings, so to speak (see the movie “The Matrix”). Even these evil beings existing in the universe have some light which to dangle in front of you, to deceive you (remember the wolf in sheeps clothes ?). Unfortunately by this time, many of you are already hooked, and you probably don’t even know it….

Many people allow thenselves to get binded by cords because they are so afraid of being free and the responsibility associated with this. look at all the people buying into organized religions….many of these people are so afraid to claim their own power, that they give it up to this outside authority, thus getting hooked in the bargain. To not be contractually bound by cords (“The ties that bind”) pushes one into developing a new paradigm of freedom in “relationships ! Most marriages/relationships are about “tying” the knot, not setting you free.

Cords might be seen, felt or sensed by some psychics, but there are many that are imperceptible to even the psychics senses (this pertains to other things as well…psychics have their limitations, as most can picking up information on only a few select levels/dimensions). It is handy to have people around who can give the psychic “view point” or perspective… it does have its place (if it may help build your faith in the unseen, I’m all for it !).

I have nothing good to say about energy cords with one exception …the umbilical cord that connects a child to its mothers. After this cord is cut, there still remains some energetic cording between parents and child (both mother and father !) . This seems to be necessary for the childs comfort, security, and even survival in the developing early years. It is this telepathic-energetic link between the parents and child, that assists the child to feel more connected and grounded to life and humanity at this level or dimension of reality (it is bad enough, if you think about it, to at one point be in spirit, at peace, at one with all, and then be thrust down into this gross dimensional plane of duality and suffering, all by oneself, without at least some kind of life line to hold onto).

However, even this cord between parents and children can have negative consequences… when one of the beings has dark issues and heavy karma, an energetic bleed through the cord can occur, corrupting (or be at least very disturbing) to the other individual. Usually in these family ties, this is accounted for and anticipated in spirit before the birth, as we all choose these relationships for whatever reasons, sometimes to assist and carry another through their darkness and karma. Often, being connected in this way as parents (or even as the child !) is the only way to help the other soul through these trials and tribulations. It is a noble endeavor and service one can do spiritually for another. It is like having an permanent, continuous, invisible life line of support and love to another (unfortunately, this does not always work out so well).

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