Ghost Busters: Implants

Due to the fact that we exist on many different dimensions, having a number of different bodies, it is more than possible that we are being influenced by these dimensions and the beings that dwell in them, more than we realize. How could this occur ? If there is a break or lack of integrity in our energy field or higher still, within our consciousness, an outside force or entity is able to enter our space, and either stay in it (not a very pretty prospect but more common than you think), or leave something inside. This thing is called an “implant”.

An implant is something that usually exists on another energetic or dimensional plane of existance. They are as complex or simple as the consciousness that has created them, and the level of technology that is functioning on that dimension. In some cases, implants have been found (when they are found) to actually exist on this physical reality! (they have been seen in x-rays, and extracted in surgical investigation … believe it or not !) We tag animals all the time with implants of sorts…perhaps other dimensional beings are taging us as well ?

Implants may do many different things, such as acting as a homing device : telling the entity where you are located at any given time…as a controling mechanism : sending to you compulsive/impulsive negative information, energies, messages,… or it can be a sort of receiving station : bleeding off your energies like a vampire, or drawing (from your consciousness or sub-consciousness) all information about you and your life experiences. Generally, under most circumstances in most cases, the vast majority of implants out there are not so great to have inside you.

However, there are other sorts of implants with special significance, connected to The Great White Brotherhood (a collection of beings within the spiritual hierarchy of advanced light workers). These implants are crystaline in nature, and act to magnify and channel power, light and streamlined communication from ones different multi-dimensional bodies. More information on this aspect of implants is beyond the scope of our discussion, at this time.

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