Ghost Busters: Projections

Another aspect of the shadow self is found in the phenomena known as “projection”. We see this often in co-dependent relationships, where there is (for example) an agreement that the woman projects all the “masculine” qualities on the man, and the man projects all the “feminine” qualities on the woman. Each person is giving up an important aspect of their selves to the other, Because society says that men and women are to look and act a certain way, no one notices the spiritual and emotional problems this creates for the individual. In fact, when couples give up these parts of themselves, they become dis-empowered (and this just may be the insidious goal underlining this whole deal, to “divide and conquor”).

Every man has an inner woman, and every woman has an inner man. When these aspects are projected (rejected) out for any length of time, they eventually become distorted and clouded up, even to the point of becoming dark and evil. This easily occurs as these aspects become separated from the god source found within your primary being. Darkness (and evil) is essentially created by separation from the light. Reconnect these aspects to the light, and they become healed and your being becomes whole.

This projection is also found and illustrated in the meaning of the word “scapegoat”. The scapegoat originated in biblical times, where every year, the priests of the tribe (of Israel) would mystically gather the sins of the people and project (or transfer) them upon the a goat, who would then be let loose (escape) into the wilds. This is what Jesus did with the legions of entities that had possessed someone…he transfered them to pigs (“scapepig” ?). The significance here is that we all have the ability to project (“dump on”) or transfer (usually unwanted) parts or aspects of ourselves upon others, making them our scapegoats. We do this to differing degrees of “success” however…some of our projections just go onto the perifery of another persons energy/consciousness field, and other times it can penetrate much deeper into the very soul of that person (not good).

If an individual has a clear sense of their own boundaries and a very strong energy field (that is without any holes or tears), they can walk away from this encounter unscathed. For another person who has a weak energy field (with many holes and tears in it) who does not have a very strong sense of self, being willing to take this junk in…well, here you are with all these entities and implants and energy cords streaming out of you. This is how it happens…there are times in your past when your energies have been weak and your sense of personal boundaries have been iffy, and you have allowed or been forced into these negatives. It is ok, forgive yourself, it happened to all of us.

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