Ghost Busters: The Entities – All Spirits

The news is that all spirits (embodied or disincarnate) are considered entities, even yourself. One does not need to be dead to be be an entity. All beings have a spiritual dimension or aspect to who they are, which can and does (every night) travel outside of the confines of the physical body (and in the case of beings without physical bodies, they still travel with what other dimensional bodies they have).

Not all entities are benevolent, just as not all people are saints. Likewise, not all entities are malevolent either, as not all people are evil.

What Do We Know about the Entities?

Sometimes (this is what I find very interesting) entities that purportedly are haunting a place or tormenting a person, are beings that actually are physically incarnated, and are projecting (consciously or un-consciously) their astral self (or other spirit body) to that place or person. This projected spirit body can also be totally split off from its primary self, wandering uncontrolably, and following its own selfish impulses and agenda. In these cases, either this projected self must be purified then reabsorbed back into the primary self (called “soul retrieval”), or it must be disipated or destroyed.

Many entities become “attracted” to you because they see the light of your being and are transformed or uplifted by its glow, like moths to a flame (this is a good thing). Other entities are inextricably “connected” to you from mutually unresolved karmic debts or contracts. You are bound to work out their issues and negative energies in this (or another) life, until cleared.

orbs entities

Thus, you are not free to experience the fullness of your own sovereign self…ie. your life is not fully your own (if you look at the human relationships in your life, perhaps you may notice these sorts of connections acting out). The worst part is that these entities hover above or between your human and divine self (in the other dimensional planes) blocking the pure transmission of light and wisdom to come to you direct from your own Source-God-Self. This may be something you are totally unawares of…as everyone (falsely) assumes that all their impulses, thoughts and feelings originate from themselves (where in actuality much comes from these entities ! ).

You have lived with these “monkeys” on your back for so long, that they have become invisible to you, especially since our society (as it is today) disavows any knowledge of the existance of such things (no one considers this a reality in todays technological age). It is good that movies such as “The Exorcist”, “The 6th Sense”,….and TV shows like “The Others” are coming out…paranormal phenomena does exist.

“The best trick the devil has going for him is fooling everyone into believing he doesn’t exist”.

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