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Calf Raise Exercises

Who wouldn’t like to have more shapely calves? Calf raise exercises target the muscles of the calves, helping to define and strengthen them. Make sure you have “textbook form” by following these guidelines: To start, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees straight but not locked. Rise up on your toes, lifting your …

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Walking through winter

I have been walking for a few months and i already want to prepare myself for the cold season. I was wondering how people keep up with a walking program in the cold. What sort of things should I wear when going on my walks? (I walk really fast so I sweat a lot). Everybody’s …

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Weight-lifting fears

I just started walking to lose 50 pounds. A friend told me that I shouldn’t lift weights until I drop some pounds because it will make me look bigger. Is this true? Not at all. In fact, lifting weights along with your walking may help you slip back into your “thin” pair of jeans quicker …

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Simple walking warm-ups

I have just begun walking and would like some suggestions for warming up. I plan to walk for half an hour a day. Thank you. The best way to warm up for walking is to walk at a comfortable pace. After five to ten minutes, stop and do some gentle stretching. Target your calves, shins …

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How much exercise is too much?

I do aerobics about five times a week for about two hours each time. Sometimes I alternate with the stair-climbing machine. Am I doing too much? Congratulations on your commitment to exercise. Although you’re doing a lot of high-intensity exercise, you’re taking some smart steps to prevent overtraining: Allowing two rest days a week gives …

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