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Balance your diet, balance your social life, balance you work, balance everything you’re doing, balance youself and this will keep you safe and healthy!

How to increase fertility

Q: Does what I eat have any effect on my fertility? I am 35 and trying to conceive my first child. A: We still can’t say for sure, but some research shows that high caffeine intake may be correlated with decreased female fertility. At least one study has shown decreased fertility in women who drank four or …

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Treating premenstrual breast pain

Q: As I’ve entered my mid-30s, breast pain and discomfort before my period have increased. Please recommend any herbal, dietary or other remedies that I might try. A: Premenstrual breast pain is usually easy to overcome. First, cut out all sources of caffeine. Effective individual supplements include vitamin E (400 i.u. twice daily) or evening primrose oil …

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Tummy toning after surgery

Q: I’ve had five lower back surgeries and two Cesarean sections in the past five years. I’ve lost 30 pounds with 10 more to go, but I’m having trouble toning up my lower abs. Help! A: You don’t mention whether or not your surgeries are limiting the types of activities and exercise you can do. If they …

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Breathe Off Fat

When we saw Oxycise, we just had to try it. Yes, it sounded too good to be true — but the lure of a no-sweat, calorie-blasting workout was too intriguing to pass up. Tester: Sarí Harrar, 43. “One year after my daughter was born, I still had 30 pounds to lose.” Product claims: Burns 140 …

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Massage Away Cellulite

When the FDA okayed Endermologie’s claims, we reported on the expensive, deep-suctioning massage device that supposedly diminishes cellulite. But we wanted to see for ourselves what it might do. Tester: Pam Uhl, 53. “Overall, I’m fairly content with my body. But, what I’d really like is to look more toned.” Product claims: Effective treatment for …

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Bleeding after intercourse

Is it normal to bleed for a few days after the first time you’ve had sexual intercourse? And what are the odds of getting a bladder infection when having sex regularly? Yes. The previously unstretched tissue was traumatized, so to speak, and that’s probably what caused the bleeding. If it persists, though, see a physician. …

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