Help For Nerve Damage?

Q: I was wondering if there were any herbs that could help with nerve damage and or a pinched nerve. My sister is undergoing tests right now for her hand. She has pain and numbness in her hand and sometimes her hand will swell. She can not turn it certain  ways and can not pick her fingers up while her hand is  out straight. Makes it hard with her job to do any typing. If there is something that can help, please let me know.

A: Sounds like you may be referring to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is pressure on the median nerve running through the wrist. It goes through a hole in the bone, the “carpal tunnel” where it can swell from irritation leading to pain and numbness in the hands.

Rest is the best thing that she can do for it. Some people wear a brace to help prevent the wrist from hyperflexing which irritates the nerve even further.

Silica is excellent for nerve function, and is anti-inflammatory. I also like lecithin for nerve problems. It is a major component of the insulating myelin that encases the nerve. Use the liquid soft gels, not the granules. The granules are liquid lecihin combined with soy meal, so lecithin granules contain very little lecithin. Vitamin B6 is also excellent for carpal tunnel syndrome.

If the inflammation is severe I would recommend devil’s claw and yucca combination, pau d’ arco, turmeric, or bromelain. Externally, essential oil of wintergreen, or sweet birch can be applied to the wrist. They are both natural aspirin sources.

Q: The doctors believe it is more nerve damage and not carpal tunnel. Is what you suggested good for just nerve

A: Yes they are good for nerve damage, especially the silica. Electrical stimulation can also help with regeneration of nerve tissue. See if you can get access to a TENS unit or similar device.

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