Herb for fever blisters

Q: Does anyone hnows of an herb used for treatment of fever blister or cold sores?

A1: Olive leaf is an excellent cure for cold sores. I have found that taking one capsule 3-4 times a day will heal a cold sore quickly if it has already come up. I currently take one capsule a day as a maintenence dose, and the outbreaks have stopped. I have been cold sore free for almost 2 years. I prefer the brand Solaray because they standardize the active ingredient, oleuropein, to 17%. Every other brand I have found only standardizes to 6%. The capsules cost about $12 for 30. Olive leaf is said to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

A2: I found a product that works very well for me its called microhydrin stops mine cold.

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