Herbs and Botanical Extracts

Find out what herbs and botanical extracts are able to do and use them! Don’t be afraid to try what Mother Earth has to give to us because the herbs are pure energy for ourselves, the herbs purify our physical and psychical body, our spirit.

James duke (1929 2017)

Get an Anti-Aging Herb from Dr Duke garden – Ten of his favorite!

To fend off age-related ailments, James Duke prefers his own garden path to the drugstore aisle. His 10,000-square-foot “Garden of Youth” contains medicinal plants to ease everything from bursitis to heart disease. We consulted his Prescriptions (Rodale) and Dr. Duke himself for 10 of his favorite “youth preservers”— each anti-aging herb presented here with an …

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Astragalus Huang Qi roots

Astragalus, Huang Qi

Parts Used: Aged dried roots. Function: The combination of active constituents in astragalus contribute to its most significant property, which is stimulating the function of the immune system by increasing the number of T-cells (a type of white blood cell). Uses: * Traditionally astragalus was used by the Chinese for conditions such as lethargy, diabetes, …

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Goldenseal used for skin and eye infections

Goldenseal – Parts Used: Rhizome and dried root. Function: The active ingredients have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect. Uses of goldenseal * Traditionally was used for skin and eye infections, for diarrhea, respiratory tract infections and irritations of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. Before antibiotics, was used for gonorrhea and syphilis. * More recently …

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