Herbs for frequent disorders (2)

Mint to prevent indigestia. In ancient Greece they used to masticate  a few fresh mint leaves after meals to prevent indigestion, certificate and recent research. German doctors have managed to successfully treat, patients with persistent indigestia, for a month, twice a day, how many 90 ml of Mint oil in capsules fermentation (issuing the remedy in the intestine, passing the acid barrier of the stomach). For occasional indigestion, infusion of Mint is excellent. Peppermint oil has good effect in ulcers and irritable syndrome.

Aesculus hippocastanum, if you have veins problems. Standardized extract aesculus hippocastanum has proved effective in combating the superficial chickenpox. For instance, German researchers in Heidelberg have treated 240 people with such suffering early vein, results as good as in the case of the use of good socks. Wild chestnut, which contains toxic substances but are removed from the remedy manufactured and marketed in the form of capsules. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Lavender use to control anxiety. Lavender flowers have long since this therapeutic use. A group of British researchers has conducted an experiment in which 20 women were added to the water bath essential oil of lavender. It was found a significant reduction in feelings of anger, frustration or negativity to all participants. Use a handful of fresh Lavender flowers to a bathtub with water and also add a few drops of essential oil (the latter is administered and internally when it is just 2-3 drops of 3ori per day, hold it away from children!).

Coffe to ease migraines. Caffeine present in most popular canned beverage in the world not only stimulates the body to wake up, sleeping on her, but physical and improves performance. If your head hurts, the potency of up to 40% the action of medicines like Aspirin or Ibuprofen, taking them with coffee in place of water. Asthmatics what about subscribing to have coffee three times fewer specific crises than those who do not consume. In addition, it was found that the incidence of bile litiazei drops by up to 40% in terms of a larger intake of caffeine.

Linseed can reduce post-menopausal disorders. Seed are rich in substances which “mimics” feminin hormones (estrogen), which explains the effectiveness with which fail to improve post-menopausal disorders. In a study by Canadian researchers, women with such manifestations were administered daily six teaspoons of flax seed meal. After six months of treatment, it was found a significant decrease from the same symptoms as in the framework of hormonal substitution therapy. Flax seeds are also good in the fight against osteoporosis and kidney stones.

Garlic as antibiotic and not only. Synthetic antibiotics may destroy bacterial flora, causing diarrhea and intestinal discomfort. If you want to combat the  Helicobacter pylori (which produces most of the ulcer), garlic is a natural remedy that can help. It has been shown scientifically that through daily consumption of raw garlic, chewing, it releases substances that kill the pathogen. Another recommendation is based on the properties of anti-cholesterol: a clove per day reduces cholesterol by 9%, as say American nutritions. Another property of prime importance of garlic gives its role of prevention in the case of some forms of cancer. A few pices of garlic per day decrease the incidence of this terrible disease by 30%, as indicated by an american study carried out on a group of more than 40,000 women.

Ginkgo biloba for memory improvement. An american study showed that the Administration for a year of ginkgo biloba extract 120 mg per day to a group of people with Alzheimer’s has led to a significant decline in cognitive decline. Because the increase volume of blood circulation, allowing a better irrigation and oxygenation of the brain, the plant also to optimise the performance of reuseşte mental healthy people. The recommended daily dose is 120-240 mg standardized extract.

Ginseng to enhance immunity. Has an obvious role adjustment and strengthening immunity of the organism. Most recently, the fact was confirmed by Italian researchers; the patients were administered 100 mg of ginseng on the day, proving and then, after only one month of treatment, a substantial increase of resistance to the flu viruses. The plant is capable of reducing the level of carbohydrates in blood, according to an american study. Administration of four grams of ginseng on the day the men with oligospermie led to increased by almost 50% in the number of spermatozoon (from an average of 15 million to 29 million per ml/ml).

Ginger if you have nausea. In the past, the Chinese sailors on sailing used to masticate ginger to combat evil. And rightly so: Danish researchers have shown that administration of ginger at cadeţii on maritime vessels reduces the symptoms generated pitch with 72%. Take one capsule of one gram of radacină powder with ginger one hour before your journey if you have bad transport. Also, more inghiţiţi one dose every two hours, during the journey, but does not exceed 10 grams per day. According to a Thai study, the administration of a gram of powdered ginger, morning, reduced the neplăcutul phenomenon in 88% of pregnant women participating.

Silybum marianum called milk thistle, for protection of the liver. Silimarine is the active substance in the plant, whose scientific name is Sylibum marianum. The Seed  presents outstanding property to ensure the protection of the liver, being good in the therapy of hepatitis and cirrhosis. An analysis of 21 studies showed that 19 of them argue the use of the extract. Because most medicines are decomposed in the liver, many followers of fitotherapy indicate this plant for individuals who are either long treatment. It is recommended that 420 mg parts per day, in the form of the extract is standardized to a content of 70-80% active substance. First results usually appear beneficial after two-three months from the beginning of the cure. Then, the dose is reduced to half.

Tea tree oil, good in micoza feet. Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is an Australian plant, different from the Chinese tea (Thea sinensis). The first is extracted an oil with strong antifungal and antiseptic properties. A study of placed the Australians showed that applying this remedy (diluted 50% with a neutral oil) to persons with micoza legs went to cure the problem at 64% of the participants in a few weeks. Be fricţionează after washing and drying of the skin.

Turmeric for articulation pains. Curcumina is yellow pigment of this condiment popular in India (turmericul is one of the basic ingredients of curry). Studies have shown that, in addition to the qualities of the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory substance has properties. In combination with the boswellia plant is used in the treatment of osteoartritelor. Add the turmeric powder in food, or, if you frequently refer to the capsules, follow the indications to the manufacturer.

Valerian for insomnia. Felino fight insomnia as well as some pharmaceutical products with sedative effect, without the secondary effects (for instance, does not deliver addictive). The plant has a very strong scientific support in this respect, but the first results appear something later against drugs: one or two weeks. Another inconvenience is strong and unpleasant smell the taste of the rizomului (part too), therefore is recommended to place the powder or tincture, as specified by the manufacturer.

Peel Willow for back pain. Peel Willow contains salicină, a compound with properties similar to the Aspirinei. According to a german study released on 451 people with back pain, administration of capsules containing 240 mg powder shell gave results even better than the classical approach to the problem.

There are strict rules of preparation and utilization in the case of herbal remedies!
When you take the phytotherapeutic products, it is best to follow the doses specified previously in the studies consulted or indications of the producers.
Make the infusion using one or two tablespoons of dry plant and cut up to 250 ml (1 cup) of water. Let the crops ten minutes- in the kettle with boiling water, possibly covered with a plate, and after that strain the content. Use of the plants in treatment does not preclude the consulting physician. Discuss with him the opportunity of any plan to use, since some phytotherapeutic remedies may inhibit or potency of the effect of the other medicines.
Pregnant women, Chronicles, persons who are a long-term medical treatment must not initiate therapies with plants without a prior agreement from the expert.

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