Herbs for viral infections

Viralinfecctions are best treated with antiviral herbs that work on different principles to hit the virus from different directions. For instance a mixture of myrrh, green tea, pau d’ arco, olive leaf, algae, amla, and poke root. The myrrh is a hyaluronidase inhibitor so it prevents viruses from spreading. It is also directly antiviral and contains immune stimulating polysaccharides. Green tea contains antiviral polyphenols. Pau d’ arco contains 18 antiviral anthraquinones and napthaquiniones. Olive leaves contain protease inhibitors which basically inactivate viruses.

Algaes contain immmune stimulating polysaccharides, and nutrients to support the immune system through the adrenal glands and thymus gland. Amla raises the levels of superoxide dismutase which in turn raises peroxide levels, in response to interferon production triggered by viruses, which stimulates white blood cell activity. Poke root contains a protein called PAP which is structurally similar to interferon, which is a great antiviral. Poke root should be used in small doses only.

There are numerous other antiviral herbs such as lomatium, osha’ Oregion grape root, barberry, St. Johnswort, licorice root, juniper berry, venus fly trap, chaparral, maitake, propolis, etc. The herbs you choose to use should be studied first to determine if they are right for you. I would not recommend just pooping any old herb without first checking for potential side effects.

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