Herbs that can cure cataracts

How to cure cataracts

The only herbal cataracts cure I have ever come across was an old pharmaceutical preparation from dusty miller. The solution must be made weak because the solution is caustic. The solution was used as eyedrops to dissolve the cataracts. I do not have the name off the pharmaceutical off hand, but you may want to search the Internet under dusty miller to find more detailed information.

Vitamin E will help prevent the reformation of cataracts in many cases. You ought to check to make sure you are not diabetic, since the cataracts will come back if you do not treat the diabetes as well.

This is not an herb, but I do know by seeing it from my Grandfather do it and it worked. He received this thru
a relative in an old folk tale book in the family.

This may sound gross and I could not even believe he did it. You take your first morning urine and you put drops in the eyes. He had them so bad he could not even read a newspaper any longer and he was not a candidate for surgery years ago due to Diabetes. He did this for a month. I went there one day and he said :” look I can read a paper”.

I said okay I need to see this. My gosh, he was cured. The haziness around his eyes were gone and he did not even need his glasses to read.

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