How can a man best express his affection?

How can a man best express his love and affection for the special woman in his life? Ask any woman and she’ll respond without hesitation – when he shares private time alone with her. A few hours of your exclusive attention imbued with a bit of romance is the most precious gift you can bestow; not a ruby ring, box seats for opening night at the opera, or another fanciful gift. So indulge her! Put the world on hold and set aside an evening to celebrate your love or nurture the promise of what is to come.

“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.”
John Donne

Express An Invitation – This is where the seduction begins

Undeniably the most romantic way to issue your invitation for the special evening you plan is to commit it to writing. The telephone and e-mail are expeditious but the surest way to touch a woman’s heart is to send a letter by regular post expressing your private affections for her and requesting her company. If married, send your letter when you are out of town on business. Some remove adds to the fascination.

express where the seduction begins

When preparing to pen your words to her, reach for your finest writing paper. Do not resort to using your business letterhead or a convenient piece of copier paper for such an intimate communication. You can be assured that she’ll read your letter countless times so grant her the pleasure of a fine paper with a sensuous texture … after all, it is a reflection of your sensitivity and taste. Unless your penmanship is entirely illegible, do not resort to typing.

A handwritten letter is more appealing to a woman because it represents a tangible expression of your feelings for her. Not only does it carry a stronger emotional appeal but the visual effect of handwriting is profoundly more sensual than typewritten text.

“Each letter you send me penetrates more deeply into my heart.”
– Gustave Flaubert to Louise Colet, 1846

When you steal away to a quiet corner to pen your thoughts, remember to speak from your heart, be articulate and keep the missive positive. The most cherished letters are ones where the writer has reached deep into his soul and expressed his passions shamelessly.

Picture this invitation and letter of love as your most romantic kiss committed to print. Every love note receives cupid’s stamp of approval so don’t allow doubt to prevent you from engaging in one of life’s most romantic pleasures. You simply won’t err when your heart is in the right place.

If you’re anxious for a written reply, include a beautiful fountain pen, sheet of writing paper, and stamped envelope. It’s a hint she won’t miss. After a few days have passed you’ll receive a reply, one which you can tuck in the breast pocket of your suit, next to your heart.

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