What are and how can be used poultices?

Poultices are soft consistency preparations obtained from plants sprayed and mixed with water to obtain a paste. The final product is put between two thin strips of cloth, to be more easily applied and removed. The paste obtained must not be neither too soft nor too hard. When it is applied on the affected place should not overcome it, and when they are substituted, a new one is prepared first and then the old one is removed.

Emollient poultices are recommended because it relaxes the tissues and promotes boils sweat. You can make in out of linseed flour, potato starch or rye flour. Also the leaves of Mallow, Mallow or beet, cooked in water have role to relax the tissues, to soothe the pain and remove infections. Flour in mix with honey bee, lime-is an ointment for wounds, and the excellent blending of Chamomile calm pains, promote fluidisation and favors the elimination of pus.

Simple poultices are made out of linseed flour and cold water -are boiled to get a very soft paste and apply on the skin at a temperature which is acceptable. Emolient effect of this is cataplasme is ensured.

Healing and antiseptic poultices are made ​​from fresh herbs and cooked with direct effects on the skin. These applications are designed for cleaning, removal of microbes and faster tissue regeneration (chamomile, calendula.)

Soothing poultices may be carried out in flour mixed with a few drops of tinctures with soothing effects. This are against pain and colic. Here are even the poppy poultices.

Revulsive poultices with the effect to be achieved, warming to the skin because the blood vessels at the surface expands, and performed a powerful irrigation place respectively. This category includes poultices with mustard: warm mustard flour and noodles on a cloth that is applied to the skin over the affected place. They are recommended for adults, open time was shorter for those blondes. You can use in the pain bronchitis.

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