How to cook pasta

The best pasta is made ​​with semolina or durum wheat flour and water. But the operation vary depending on the quality and the uses to which the pasta is intended. The durum wheat semolina was sifted and then passed to mixers, similar to those of bread, but made ​​sure that the ventilation is minimal. Water can be added hot or cold.

That warm and helps shorten the processing, but the use of cold water allows the manufacture of pasta more resistant to cooking.

From the mass passes to a mixer and kneading to a refiner that makes it perfectly smooth and homogeneous. The dough then passes to a ‘shaping’, which is obtained by passing the mixture through a perforated die according to the “form” to be obtained. Hydraulic presses are used for the purpose vertical or horizontal. The cutting of the pasta is done with a system of rotating blades. Obout pasta shapes there are six hundred, but the market if they are about a hundred, generally divided into two categories: long pasta and cut pasta.

These include the very short pasta and noodles for soup. The smaller sizes are prepared with gluten pasta and egg noodles and serve mainly for soups and stews.

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