Get rid of gout? Descover the best natural herbs for gout!

I have been fighting an on going battle to get rid of gout attacks in my big toes and knee. I have been on medication from my M.D. off and on now for some time. The meds take the pain away but it always returns. I have tried herbs such as burdock root, cherry juice, and charcole. These did not help. Maybe I don’t have the right combination of herbs or maybe I am not taking them long enough. I take them until the bottle is empty then quit. Any suggestion about how to get rid of gout? I am at a loss as to what to do, any help will be appreciated!!

Get rid of gout? Descover the best natural herbs for gout! 1

Advice from someone who get rid of gout!

Get rid of gout using the special treatment with cherry!
Get rid of gout using the special treatment with cherry!

Sometimes one needs to experience the true pain that goes along with the gout, and I have.

Take the following till you get rid of gout. Also if your a beer drinker, Stop now, and don’t drink any till you get rid of gout! The worst the pain the more I’d drink, WRONG, DON’T do it!

OK, Unsweeten pie cherry’s (Ingredients: Cherry & water) from your food chain or Kundsen’s Concentrated Black Cherry Juice from your health food store works the best. Stay away from yeast, beer, pea’s, processed meats, and some dairy products. Depending on how bad your gout is, it could take up to 3 months to get rid of the gout. I was walking with the help of a cane, because the pain was so bad. I get rid of gout and never came back, and that was 7 years ago.

I want you to know, the cherry’s will dissolve uric acid (gout), But you will probably hate cherry’s when you get through it, because your going to eat a whole lot to get rid of gout.

Before to get rid of gout you need to know from where you develop this illness

  • You may want to check with your doctor to determine what is causing the elevated uric acid levels. It could be something simple, such as medications you are taking.
  • Diuretics and chemo drugs can raise uric acid levels.
  • Kidney damage can prevent uric acid excretion.
  • Diabetes is a common cause of kidney problems, and prostaglandin inhibitors such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen sodium (Aleve) are well known for causing kidney damage.
  • Some uric acid is actually broken down by intestinal flora for excretion which are destroyed by antibiotics.
  • Leukemia and hemolytic anemia are also possible causes of elevated uric acid levels.
  • Rarely the person has a genetic disorder in which they lack an enzyme required for uric acid excretion.

Uric acid itself is produced during the breakdown of proteins which are made of aminoacids. These aminoacids are ammonia based, and excess ammonia is toxic to the body. Carbon dioxide binds to the ammonia forming uric acid which is then converted by water to urea and expelled as urine.

Most people tend to consume way too much protein. The average person only utilizes roughly 3 ounces of protein a day, even if you are an athlete. Over consumption of protein only increases uric acid levels in the body, especially when consuming meats for a protein source.

When an animal is killed uric acid is trapped in it’s cells. So you are consuming uric acid from the cells and proteins which will be converted in part to additional uric acid. Other sources of uric acid production include dairy, algae (due to nucleic acid content), and beer (due to high purine levels).

Provided that the doctor does not find any of serious metabolic disorders, there are various ways of reducing uric acid. My favorite herb for helping to lower uric acid levels is nettle leaf, though safflowers also work well. If you have been on antibiotics I would suggest fibers and yucca root to help build up your intestinal flora.

Water is extremely important since unhydrolyzed uric acid crystals will cut up kidney tissue as it passes through. This is one of the main reasons for the high incidence of kidney disease in the US. Americans tend to eat too much protein, and do not drink enough water. Coffee and sodas do not count as water.

Get rid of gout by using natural herbs for gout

Get rid of gout with natural herbs for gout
Get rid of gout with natural herbs for gout

Caused by overeating and drinking, eating of wrong combinations that fill the system with waste matter.

The diet is of first importance. In order to help to get rid of gout, all harmful products, foods, and drinks, must be given up. To get rid of gout, you especially need to include lots of fruits in your diet.

Take a high enema of warm, soap-sudsy water, and if there is any colon trouble or colitis, take herb enemas.

Take equal parts of scullcap, yarrow, and valerian, granulated, mix thoroughly together, and use a heaping tsp. to the cup of boiling water, steep, and drink a cupful and hour before meals, and one before going to bed. Take laxative herbs to keep the bowels open; this is important.

Any one of the following herbs will be found benenficial; take singly, or in any combination you desire, using a tsp. to a cup of boiling water, steep 20 mins., and take 4 cups a day, one before each meal and one
before going to bed:  Blue violet, burdock, gentian root, mugwort, rue, birch, broom sarsaparilla, buckthorn, ginger, pennyroyal, plaintain, wood betony, and balf of Gilead.

Here are some good herbal laxatives to help you to get rid of gout: Golden seal, horehound, hyssop, mandrake, mullein, peach leaves, psylla, rhubarb, sage, senna, wahoo, elder, blue flag, wild Oregon grape, fringe and aloes.

Drink lots of distilled water daily also. It is imperative for you to remove all waste matter from your system.

Taking cayenne pepper everyday would also be very beneficial for you.

7 thoughts on “Get rid of gout? Descover the best natural herbs for gout!”

  1. Drink more water. Sufficent water may only answer and correct answer.
    But You may water hate person. You should detoxified water.
    Detoxified water may 7 or more types….
    Your Type may onion types.
    0.1gram of onion add to one gallon of water and drink the water.
    drinking the onion water half an ounce (14.8 mL) per 1 pound (0.45 kg) of body weight. I think you can love the onion water…

    1. This recipe with onion I didn`t know. You know other types of detoxified water?

      For example I know that you can do the same process with:

      – clay – 1 tsp of clay in 2L of water for 24 hours
      – bran – 2 tsp of bran in 2L of water for 9-10 hours
      – vegetables – some fresh vegetables in a quantity of water for more than 24 hours. You can drink the water and add some more.

  2. My uric acid is high 8.9 and when treated with allopurinol 300 g/day for a fortnigh it came down to 8.3 but unfortunately my platelet count already low 115 came down to the alarming count below 100 ( you know that low blod count of platelets will be responsible of various hemorrhages). With a proper diet only for another fortnight without any medication and plenty of drinking water the count reached 7.9 and the platelets went up to 115.
    in my view as a doctor and as a patient, water, low body weight and correct diet can insure a reasonable prevention of gout. Thanks.

  3. Discover tart cherry juice concentrate from my doctor for my gout pain. I started drinking a few weeks back and I feel great. I even got free shipping from Fruit Advantage

  4. I’m 48 in great shape and I got gout in my foot a week ago . Been trying everything there is for gout and my foot is still unbearable.
    Everything from allopurinol to indomethacin. Drinking apple cidervinegar , gout pro lots of grapes and strawberries. Drinking 90 to 120 ounces a day . Pee is pretty much clear. Drank a ton of natural unsweetened organic cherry juice from concentrate (no sugar) . Also taking high doses of cherry extract in pill form.
    Any other suggestions ?
    Thank you

  5. My husband is also 48 and just got gout for the first time 3 weeks ago. It started in a finger, moved to his big toe in one foot, ankle in the other foot, and then that knee. Had been eating very “clean” and then binged on meat and seafood/shellfish. NOT a good idea. Have had him on all sorts of things (all herbal (I have a background in herbal healing), no gout prescription – did take Prednisone for 6 days), and there is progress, but he is still walking very gingerly (before he was crawling, so this is definitely progress). Have made corrections to diet as well. Doctor we saw was useless and confrontational. Any suggestions for other ‘cures’ or a way to escalate his progress? He hasn’t been able to work (no work, no paycheck) for going on 3 weeks now. Needless to say he’s pretty depressed.

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