How to make brioche dough

The brioche dough is a dough that requires a very long preparation and an equally long process. In fact these two features is it’s complete success. It is better to prepare well in advance and work in rather warm temperature (20-22 °) significantly shorten this time.

How to make brioche dough 1

The ingredients for the dough preparation are as follows: 350 g of flour, 175 g butter 20 g sugar, 15 g yeast, 4 eggs, a pinch of salt.

Using the brioche dough

The brioche dough , as well as the usual cakes, is used to coat delicate foods. For example, the “foie gras”, cooked in marsala or porto and then baked in the middle of a brioche form is a very fine dish.

It may take a filling for brioche dough or mild liver pate, meat or fish flesh is firm, giving them the shape of an elongated bread and placed them in a mold box. Serve sliced ​​cross.

Pictures for the preparation on brioche dough and it’s uses

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