How to Make Croissants

Prepare a normal dough bread with 1 liter of milk, 1.5 kg of flour, 120 g of yeast, 40 g salt 150 g sugar. Leave to rise for 4 hours at 25 °.

Lowers the dough to a pastry as normal, eliminating the rising. Then add 1 kg and 1 / 2 of butter, as you would for a normal puff pastry, with two bends of 3 (butter in the center and two edges of dough over) and two of 4 without any interval. Working on a cool marble, you roll the dough to 1 / 2 cm thick, which is then derived from these strips and lozenges that are rolled up (like crescents which are known as Chiffeletti in Italy) and stretch a bit ‘by pulling on both ends. They rely on a crescent-shaped plate greased with butter. Then let them rise at room temperature (rather than fresh, not very hot) and when they reached twice the volume, it is brushed with beaten egg and bake (220 °) for 25 minutes.

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