How to make homemade yogurt recipe

Typical curdled milk in the Balkans are especially in Bulgaria. Very much in use everywhere in Europe, it is prepared industrially by adding whole milk, and more frequently semi-skimmed or skimmed, a culture of lactic acid bacteria selected.


The Bulgarian is an original simmer milk being reduced by one third, then reached when cold, a temperature of 30° by adding the ferment of a previous crop and let it rest at a temperature of 25 degrees to 24 hours .

Homemade yogurt recipe

We then move to a cool place and after 12 hours is ready for consumption. You  can prepare the homemade yogurt recipe using the same procedure, with the containers collected in a thermos which stabilized the temperature between 25 and 32 degrees is considered ideal.

If you want to use the homemade yogurt recipe, you have to know that you need fresh milk. My grandmother used to prepare the yogurt in ceramic, covered them with a lid and wrap them in a cloth, for a better taste. She used as a bacteria a spoon from the old yogurt she has prepared.

It is better for you to prepare the homemade yogurt recipe because you can control the quality and you know for sure which are the ingredients. It is also a very simple procedure so you don’t need to worry, just to try. You should always have in the fridge some yogurt, I love the recipes with fruits.

It is very important to consume the fresh yogurt because it’s no way to preserve it for to long. In any case, I think that this will be no problem, if you like yogurt. My favorite is mixture is yogurt with strawberries.


homemade yogurt recipe
Yogurt, the most important and most widespread of fermented milk that has become so much a product of fantasia because of the addition of fruits, honey, malt, etc.

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