How to prepare polenta

For one part of flour (125 g per person calculated) it takes at least three or four parts of water, placed first in the pot, you should never, under any circumstances, exceed half of the capacity. We salt water calculating about 10 g salt per liter of water and bring to light that fervor before boiling.


Then we add the flour stirring continuously and mixing with an wood spatula, or initially with the whip, and never add flour until they have dissolved the clots in the previous tour.

Diluted that it is the flour and reached a boil, you mix the polenta with a spatula, which will become even more pronounced.

A perfect cooked polenta at more than 2 kg (500 g of flour) requires at least 40 minutes. At this point you can pour the polenta on a platter right round, or before, to shape it in a large bowl, turning it around later when it took a certain consistency.

It is preferable immediately to serve the polenta, but you can keep warm by covering it with a napkin.

Bring the polenta to the table upside down directly on the wooden board and sliced ​​with a sturdy white wire or a special wooden spatula.

How to heat the polenta

It can be sliced and toasted on an ​​open fire on the grill, or heat in the oven in a baking dish just oiled, but the most practical way to give it fresh is to cut it into slices high a finger dipped in boiled water, then dried and brought to the table wrapped in a towel.

Enrichment of polenta

The corn meal can be extended to 1 / 3 rice meal and cooking time, you can make an addition of butter.
Water can be replaced by milk, especially for “soft”preparations. In this case, increase to at least 4 parts of liquid. Or, with 2-3 minutes before taking it of the fire, add some cheese, it’s best with mozzarela – absolutely delicious.

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