How to store cheese

Ideal for cheese storage would be a dark cellar, airy, with a temperature between 5 and 8 degrees centigrade.
Needless to say, however, that not all cheeses can be preserved and that their point of perfection is reached in times which vary depending on the environment in which the cheeses are kept.

Use the refrigerator for storage of some cheeses, after being carefully wrapped in sheets of paper or foil and place them in the least cold, such as the cassette of the dried .

Even at fairly low temperatures of the refrigerator fresh cheeses do not last more than a week and three days after their flavor tends bitterness. Some cheeses can be stored at temperatures of about a few degrees above zero, but require a moist environment, and because the refrigerator dries, you should wrap it in wet towels, the ones who keeps wipes in fine cheeses with white wine and wrung out.

Established as has been said that the ideal temperature to keep the cheese is between 5 and 8 degrees, in a shaded area and cool fresh air, you won’t keep good cheese even if it is under the bell glass or plastic or in the kitchen or dining room.

Cheese in the fridge should not be placed side by side. At least the cut off parts should be covered of wax paper or foil, but it is better to wrap them all, carefully check the fridge every day doing various enclosures to see the degree of conservation and removing any mold. It is better to buy the cheese in small quantities and then consume it within a short time. Never buy large quantities of fresh and seasoned or buy only those possessing a suitable place where store: a wooden board in a cool room to the north. In all cases, use any remains before the flavor is compromised.

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