Icing an injury

Are those “freeze-proof” ice packs made with an alcohol base. Are they o.k. for icing an injury?

icing an injury

Icing an injury

If you’re referring to those blue gel packs, I’ve never heard of any danger in using them. Any gel or ice pack should be safe and effective if you use it as directed.

In general, the easiest and most effective pack for injuries is one made from plain, old frozen water. Crushed ice works best, as it conforms better to curved surfaces such as an arm, leg or head.

Put the crushed ice in a baggie and place it over the injured area. We recommend that you use it in the first 24 hours following an injury – such as a sprain, strain or bruise – to help reduce swelling.  After 24 hours, ice does little to lessen swelling.

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