Icing for cakes and baked meringue

Proceed as for the fondant, adding a greater amount of glucose, 300 g per  every kg of sugar. The fondant will be softer and easier for flavoring, coloring and pour over the cakes and sweets. You can prepare another icing for cakes – beating an egg with sugar as much as is needed to achieve a soft dough, andin the end add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

A frosting effect is achieved by mounting the egg whites until becomes firm and then adding cooked sugar  to the “small ball” (115 °), still warm and fluid, and stir until a soft meringue. With this compound can be frosting cakes or make ready “frothy” ice cream, sorbets and ice creams, thus completing the taste and appearance.

Dose: 300 g of sugar ‘small ball’ and two egg whites staple.

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