In the Beginning of Vegetarian Life

At first you may like to replace meat in your cooking with many varieties of canned or dried meat substitutes which are usually made from flavored soya or gluten flour. By doing so most of your favorite meals such as:

  • spaghetti and “meat” balls
  • lasagna
  • burgers
  • “meat” pies etc
  • …can still be enjoyed.

Adjusting to Vegetarian Life

In addition to your new “old favorites” include lots of salads, fresh fruit, yogurts, lightly cooked vegetables with herbs, lemon juice or tasty sauces, pastas and noodles, and creative combinations of fresh fruit drinks. After a short time you will experience the benefits of a natural diet and will start to feel confident about trying different foods like tofu, tempeh, basmati rice etc and cooking with an increased variety of vegetables and grains. You will probably find yourself eating less and less of meat substitutes as you become more confident with the growing choice of foods. You may even lose the attraction for foods that taste similar to meat.

People who eat meat usually think that vegetarians are more limited in their daily food choices but I have observed the opposite to be true. Vegetarians tend to eat a larger variety of foods than meat eaters who generally tend to focus their meal on the particular type of animal body to be consumed. greek salad - vegetarian life

Fully confident vegetarian life

Now invite your friends over for a special vegetarian meal:

  • Greek salad with vegetarian feta and garlic bread
  • Italian vegetarian pasta with mushroom antipasto salad and romano cheese
  • Chinese stirfried vegetables, rice and deep fried tofu
  • Moroccan Tomato-pepper salad served with Moroccan bread
  • Indian spicy rice and cashew nuts with deep fried curd
  • Japanese nori seaweed rolls
  • Korean fiery marinade sauce over barbecued vegetables
  • American baked stuffed potatoes with sour cream, cheese and salad
  • Lebanese falafels with hummus and tabouli, rolled in flat bread
  • Mexican tacos with beans, sour cream and salad
  • Texan-Mexican tempeh fajitas with guacamole, salsa & sour cream.
  • Russian Borscht Beet soup with crusty herb bread
  • California eggplant pizza with pesto salad
  • Indonesian gado-gado served on rice and an Indonesian green salad
  • Caribbean Flambe
  • French fruity compote
  • Hawaiian papaya ice cream
  • Filipino upside down pineapple cake

Best of wishes in your discovery of the delights of vegetarian foods!

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