Instant Wheat Meat

This gluten is made with ‘gluten flour’ ~ it’s the old fashion way of making gluten; but it is the quick way of making wheat meat! Wheat meat is very versatile, it can be made as a substitute for chicken, fish, beef and pork. It can be flavored with teriyaki sauce, vegetarian chicken broth spices, savory spices and the like.

1 Cup Vital wheat gluten
7/8 Cups Water – measure out a cup and then take out 2 tablespoons.

Mix the gluten and water by hand until it forms a spongy “dough”. Knead it lightly until the flour and water are totally mixed.

At this point in time the gluten can either be cut into small chunks and boiled or spiced and put into an oiled loaf pan and baked at 375 degrees and baked until dark brown on top. After 30 minutes of baking check the gluten and if it is starting to puff up more than 2 inches above the sides of the pan, pierce the top with a knife. After the gluten is done baking it can be cut into strips or cubes and sautéed to add flavor.

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