Irregular period and birth control pills

Q: I have a question concerning my menstrual cycle. I have been on Orthocyclen birth control pills for a few years, and I’ve recently started menstruating early. Is this normal, or should I worry about irregular period?

irregular period and birth control pills

Irregular period and birth control pills

A: Your pills may need to be changed, or there may be something else contributing to the abnormal bleeding. Possibilities  for your irregular period can include stress, weight loss, a thyroid imbalance or uterine fibroids. You should make an appointment to see a practitioner for an evaluation. Don’t worry too much, though; this problem is generally resolved easily.

Though, I can offer you some natural suggestions for your problems.

Natural treatments for irregular period

Homemade apple vinegar

Drink 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before meals. At first, no major changes are observed. It takes like six months to see a noticeable change. However, there were women who noticed an immediate change, a more regular menstrual cycle. If vinegar is too strong for you, you can start with a lower dose and gradually increase the amount. You can increase the dose, but not to exceed. Apple cider vinegar has results as it works as a natural remedy for increasing insulin activity, therefore decreases blood sugar.

Cinnamon for irregular period

It can be used fresh to regulate menstruation, in order to have a faster effect. You can put cinnamon on snacks. It is recommended to be consumed with every meal and snack. Cinnamon is also rich in fiber! Taking 1/3 tablespoons at each meal, it may take 3-6 months to see an improvement.


Most women don’t like this part, but exercises are a powerful weapon when it comes to disease and dysfunction in the body. As it is already known, at least half an hour of exercise a day can help. With exercise, if necessary, you also lose weight. You must be careful, do not overdo it. Too much exercise increases levels of progesterone and can worsen symptoms.

Yarrow plant for women

This is one of the women plants. Drink a cup of yarrow tea every day and you will no longer worry about the irregular period. It takes a period to balance your system, but it’s the best natural medicine ever! You will no longer need to see any doctor! Just have trust in the plant!

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