Is It Okay To Walk After Dinner?

I tend to walk after supper; is that good or bad? Will I get better results if I walk first thing in the morning?

It’s a very good idea to go for an easy stroll after dinner. It will help with digestion and burn extra calories, plus it’s a great way to spend time with a family member. I don’t, however, recommend vigorous exercise until several hours after a large meal. Your body is busy digesting, and you may feel sluggish or get stomach cramps or indigestion.

It’s not necessarily better to work out in the morning, but if you do, you’ll avoid putting your walk off until later — when you might not have the time. And doesn’t it seem like something always comes up to interfere with your good intentions for an afternoon walk? Another bonus for morning walks is that your stomach is empty, so you can work out vigorously without any problem. If you tend to feel light-headed while exercising on an empty stomach, go ahead and have a light snack, such as a piece of fruit or some yogurt, before your walk.

The important question to answer is, what works best for you and your lifestyle? If an evening workout is the one you’re most likely to commit to, go for it!

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