Is this herb combination safe?

Could you please tell me if the following combination is relatively safe. I’ve been taking the following herbs (for several months) to rejuvinate my hair line, lose weight & quit smoking; ho shou wu, evening primrose oil, norweigian kelp, horsetail tea, a multi-vitamin, vitamin E & vitamin C. I’ve also started Proenzi 99 (7 days ago) & am aware of the ephedra controversy. I still feel pretty good at this point & am a very healthy, active, 27 year old male. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, you mentioned that ephedra could damage adrenal glands. What about taking the supplement only for about 2 months (16 mg every second day) to quit a 12 year cigarette habit (1/2 a pack a day?).

Most of it sounds pretty good. Though I would eliminate the horsetail grass and replace it with oatstraw. Horsetail contains a small amount of nicotine which will probably make it hard to quit smoking since your body will have nicotine cravings as long as it remains in your system. Oatstraw is another good source of silica, and it is a good B vitamin source for the nervous system, and hair. Oats are often used to curb withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit smoking.

Since you are trying to help your hair line, here are a few suggestions. Make a tea from licorice root, and add some alcohol for a preservative. Use it for a hair rinse. The licorice root is a good phytoestrogen source and will help counter the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes malke pattern baldness. The alcohol will also help cut the garbage in shampoo which plugs hair follicles causing hair to fall out. Beer is a good substitute, especially malt beer which will give more body to your hair. Beer gets it’s phytoestrogens from fresh hops. By hte way, if you have any houseplants, they like beer also. You don’t need to give them a straw, just pour some around their roots. These are the only 2 descent uses for beer, and you don’t have to gag down the nasty tasting stuff. I also give my palnts Coca Cola and other colas. The sugar feeds soil microorganisms, the carbonic acid is utilized like CO2 is through the leaves, and the phosphoric acid greens them up.

Anyway as far as Proenzi 99 goes, I am not familiar with it. Though if it has ma huang I would not recommend it. If you need help with quiting smoking then I would suggest chewing on magnolia bark which helps raise dopamine levels. Chewing chamomile flowers is also said to curb the desire for nicotine.

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