It’s a Man-Eat-Dog World

Personally, I viewed video footage of a dog hung by his neck and beaten like a pinata with a lead pipe. The intention was to break the dog’s bones, thus maximizing the adrenal release.

In South Korea today, an estimated 2.6 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered for human consumption each year. Although a ban on dog-eating was passed just before the Soeul Olympics in 1984- for international presentability- this ban has never been enforced. In the most recent count, there are some 6000 restaurants in South Korea that prepare and serve dog-meat. In a society where many people desire the flesh of tortured animals, it is clear that this ban will never be enforced unless international pressure is applied and people are sensitized to the horrific nature of these killings.

A sane person may wonder why it’s necessary to torture dogs before slaughtering them. But dog-eaters believe that the longer and more gruesomely an animal is tortured- the more adrenalin they release. Supposedly, this adrenalin increases sexual appetite and performance in the one eating it. Torture methods range from hanging, beating, bone-breaking, burning, and boiling animals alive.

Throughout Korean markets, dogs pant in cages- often piles of them- yet they still wag their tails hopefully at passersby. Some whimper and stare imploringly. Others fight amongst themselves, aggravated by the stress of such cramped living quarters.

Many of the dogs are strays while others are unwanted by their owners. Unwanted dalmations and collies can sell for up to $90 U.S. a carcass. Yellow dogs tend to be pricier as well. Scruffy mutts however, only go for a few dollars a pup- I mean “pop”.

Too Cruel to be True

Although no video camera has ever managed to get inside a canine slaughterhouse- plenty of footage exists of the merciless torture they endure just prior to their death.

Personally, I viewed video footage of a dog hung by his neck and beaten like a pinata with a lead pipe. The intention was to break the dog’s bones, thus maximizing the adrenal release. The beating went on for ten minutes or so until the 2 men (or manimals) committing the atrocity looked up and saw someone filming the incident. Immediately, they cut the pup down. The broken dog lay on his side and scraped one paw across the dirt- feebly trying to drag himself away. The two men began to pet him and roll him around, pretending to play with him. The sick thing is- this shows that they KNOW that what they’re doing is wrong. Yet they do it any way. The men proceeded to toss the dog over their shoulder and bring him inside some sort of warehouse. This footage was taken just 2 weeks ago.

After beatings of this sort, the dogs are tossed FULLY CONSCIOUS and flailing- into a vat of acid-laced scalding water. This removes their fur but does not necessarily kill them.

When plucked from this giant pot, the dogs are slammed onto a table where remaining hairs and whiskers are blowtorched off. Although limp and in shock, many dogs are still alive at this point of the “process”. (It is actually desirable for them to be alive- who knows how much adrenalin they’re releasing in such agony?! )

It is at this point that survivors are taken in the back room to be slaughtered. Dead dogs are taken to butcheries.

Everybody watching this film was crying.

Can We Get a Dog?

In markets, every part of the dog is sold- even their heads (eyes, teeth, and tongue included). I don’t know what the head is used for, broth maybe, but people buy them. In Korea, one can go shopping and stare into the faces of ill-fated lifeless dog heads.

For the average person, the sight of a red boiled dog-face would be disturbing. Unfortunately, it is also desensitizing. There’s no other explanation as to why a living creature would be treated so atrociously. The people participating in this cruel slaughter are sensitive only to optimizing their sex life and making a buck.


Recently, a bill by Korea’s opposition political party- that would have re-legalized dog-eating- was defeated in Parliament. Clearly, a majority of South Koreans do not torture and eat dogs, nor do they want it to be allowed. But the government is doing nothing to prevent or punish such cruelty. In fact, the only time authorities have made any gesture to do so was in 1984, when international pressure was applied.

Eating animals is never an acceptable activity. And although every creature is entitled to life- whether they’re pigs, cows, chickens, or earthworms- it is comparably not that far a stretch to get people to stop eating dogs.

There are strong objections to dog-eating and the motives for dog-eating in South Korea. But the main interest of the country (like any other) is economic. Therefore, the best ways to help the canine crisis is to spread the word- international media exposure. Email this to a friend. Voice your objections to Korean president Kim, Dae Jung, Blue House, 1 Saejong-Ro, Chongro-Ku, Soeul, South Korea. 110-760


Also contact: International Aid For Korean Animals for more info.

If we can get people to stop eating dogs, maybe we can get them to stop eating other animals as well.

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