Juvenile plantar dermatosis

My daughter constantly has sweaty hands and feet. When they dry out, they get red and crack to the point where she is practically crying from the pain! She also gets terrible rashes on her hands and feet that itch something awful. Please help us find a treatment.

The condition you describe, juvenile plantar dermatosis (“sweaty sock dermatitis”), is common in infants and children. It is related to the effects of sweating and contact with damp socks and shoes that hold in moisture. It may be more common in children who have eczema (or in whom there is a family history of eczema).

Hydrocortisone cream or ointment (1%) applied four times daily can help the itching and painful redness (inflammation). The strategies include: all-cotton socks, changing socks whenever they get sweaty, avoiding occlusive footwear and, whenever possible, leaving feet bare!

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