Kids who hate car seats

I have a very active 27-month-old daughter who refuses to be strapped in even in her high chair. What can I do to make her stay put in the car? We haven’t bought a car seat because I’m sure she won’t want to be strapped in. She can easily unbuckle the seat belt. We normally don’t go anywhere far with her, but we’re planning to go to the country next month. Could you help us with some ideas? Thanks.

All states have laws that require children to be secured in a child safety seat while riding in an automobile. Laws vary among states, but they generally cover children up to the age of 4 years. Children should ride in the back seat only – the safest location in the vehicle – and certainly should never ride in the front seat of a car equipped with airbags.

In a car crash, correctly used safety seats reduce the risk of death by 71% and of serious injury by 67%. It has been suggested that safety seats also may reduce children’s injuries that occur from noncrash-related events, such as sudden stops, turns or opening the door of a moving vehicle.

Using child safety seats protects children and it’s the law. This one is non-negotiable. Make sure you have a car seat and know how to use it correctly before your trip next month.

Children with special needs may require a special restraint system. Ask your pediatrician. A new safety seat is best; but if you must get a used one, shop carefully.

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