Parts Used:
Stems, leaves and flowers.

The active compounds in lemon balm prevent the attachment of the Grave’s disease antibodies to the thyroid cells. It also blocks thyroid stimulating hormone from further stimulating the thyroid. Lemon balm also contains constituents that have a relaxing and gas relieving effect on the body.

* Traditionally lemon balm was used for sleeping problems, gas and heart problems.
* Currently it is used for nerve pain, insomnia, Grave’s disease, herpes simplex and indigestion.
* Essential oil of lemon balm is used for allergies, asthma, coughs and it has a regulating effect on the menstrual cycle and a soothing effect on the body and mind.

* Lemon balm tea, 2 tablespoons of herb steeped for 10 minutes in 150 ml of boiling water can be taken as needed.
* Concentrated extracts are used topically 3 – 4 times daily for herpes lesions.
* Lemon balm is often blended with other herbs for relief.

* Avoid lemon balm essential oil if you have glaucoma.
* Essential oil of lemon balm may cause skin irritation if applied directly on to the skin. Always dilute lemon balm to no more than 1:100 if applying to the skin. Use only a couple of drops in a bath.

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