Life Cycle Elixirs or Planetary Elixirs

Life Cycle Elixirs (also called Planetary Elixirs) have been made for profound changes that occur in various cycles during our lives. They have been specifically formulated to help us through those trying times in a way that is deeply profound and causes us to see the hidden meaning and depth behind these changes. In most cases, it will give a sense of purpose as we gradually evolve into higher levels of consciousness.

These elixirs have been formulated on each new moon, a time of beginnings, and each carries with it many specific planetary energies. Work with your transits and progressions with the Planetary Elixirs!


The etheric body carries the imprint of all that we are, were and will be. Our etheric body vibrates at a certain rate, and when we use an elixir, its vibrational qualities are used to access what it is inside us that we wish to bring forward. These elixirs are not meant to “give” us what we wish to express, but rather to help us “uncover” that which is already inside us, awaiting our discovery.

Elixirs are not a placebo to make us feel good, but a way to uncover a quality already within. Because there is a reason why we are not presently expressing it, the process of using the elixir will first bring to our attention the layers or blankets that are being used to cover that quality.

As an example, if you have chosen an elixir to become more successful and focused in your life, the feeling that is blocking that will come up first. This could be a fear of failure or even a fear of success. While this may bring some discomfort with it, the good news is that once that fear is no longer buried, you are able to acknowledge it (without judgment, please!), and then release it. I strongly recommend some form of energy healing be used in conjunction with the elixir at about the halfway mark, or when these feelings begin to emerge.

It is also important to remain focused on what it is you wish to accomplish when taking the elixir and to use affirmations and prayer throughout the day, especially when actually taking the elixir. Meditating on what you desire in the morning and evening will also help to bring it forth more quickly. Remember, the more you place your attention on your goal, the sooner you will realize it. Think of the elixir as only one of a number of tools to be used as a whole. Don’t forget to ask for assistance from your guides, angels or whatever source you feel connected to.

Please look through the list to see which elixir is best suited for your particular need, and use your own intuition to guide you to the one that can benefit you most:

Depths of Despair (Pluto)

For those times in our lives when we feel like there is nowhere to go, this elixir helps us to release the negativity deep within the emotional body. This requires patience with ourselves because these “stuck” emotions come to the surface and bring with them a degree of discomfort. However, in order to free ourselves from this despair, these emotions must be released. Some form of healing modality such as body work would be beneficial around the halfway mark of taking this elixir.

Spiritual Grounding (Neptune)

When one desires to be more aware of the fact that we are spirit beings having a human experience, this elixir helps us to bring forth the qualities of compassion, universal love and joy into our day to day lives. There is an openess within us that allows us to move through our lives without judgment of how we think things should be. Expect the unexpected with this elixir because it shows us how to stop preventing the manifestation of what we want to create in our lives.

Shake It Up Baby! (Uranus)

When we feel like it is impossible to continue with our lives the way we have been, this elixir will promote the courage to make changes that are needed to improve the quality of our lives. It will help us to see things in a new light so that we can try tactics that were not obvious to us before. In this respect, choices and new ways of doing things become the norm and our lives begin to flow.

Response-Ability (Saturn)

For the times in our lives when decision making is unclear, this elixir helps us to focus on what is important, and enables us to act on that by making decisions based on clarity of mind. Rather than reacting to what is happening in our lives, we become able to step back and look at the larger picture, and base our decisions on what we see with a clear eye.

Optimism/Buoyancy (Jupiter)

This elixir will enable us to soar above our normal expectancy of life and become more than we dreamed possible. New doorways open and we see with the eyes of the eagle. Opportunities will be made available and fresh air will blast through our life. A quest for freedom is the goal of this elixir. Go beyond mere knowledge to discover truth.

Vision (Mars)

Dreams become a reality with this elixir, which gives the incentive to step forward in life in ways never dreamed possible. There is nothing we cannot do when we have the faith to put one foot in front of the other. Goals are brought into manifestation quickly and easily.

Goddess of Love (Venus)

This “love potion” is not for attracting a mate, but for learning self-love and self-acceptance. Indirectly, the outcome might be a new relationship, but the main function of this elixir is to centre and guide us to self-fulfillment. When we love ourselves, we find that we can be defenseless; that is, we have no need to put our guard up because we are coming from a place of love. In this way, we attract others into our lives.

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