The way we choose to do things – the way we live, the way we act, the way we are! What you do, eat, dress, like, dislike, love, care…

Breath and Movement Facilitators

Breath and Movement Facilitators Dance Therapy Dance therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the body and its movement/breath patterns to achieve therapeutic goals. The therapist facilitates the client’s movements and connects these to treatment goals, issues and themes. The issues and themes are developed, expressed and worked through in movement and processed verbally. …

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In Our Bodies – Moving and Breathing with Awareness

Conscious movement and breath are part of the emerging blend of mind/body/spirit work. The goal is awareness of spirit, being present for ourselves, and awakening spontaneous healing. Much of this work includes reconnecting to such ancient modalities as Tai Chi, sacred dance, and primal movement. New modalities are also emerging–such as Transformational Breath, Holotropic Breath, …

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Best Recipes for Country Kitchens

Two case studies in kitchen design — one traditional, the other contemporary — demonstrate different ways to cook up the look. Recipe #1 — Traditional Recipe #2 — Contemporary

Why Go Vegetarian?

The eating of animals is actually a very indirect way of consuming vegetable protein (vegetable protein is the protein we really need). There is nothing to be gained nutritionally from eating the vegetable protein that has metabolized into another creature’s body (a.k.a. meat). In fact, the effects of this illogical practice are devastating to the …

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Interview with Melvin Laidlaw

“Well, first let me wish everyone a warm hello. It is nice to connect with people of like interests and minds. My name is Melvin Laidlaw, and I am the creator and proprietor of Mr.Spinner’s, an organic hemp and functional foods production company.” The second common ground interview finds us discussing the vegetarian lifestyle with …

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