Making Drive Time Work for You

Make your drive time work for you – By Nancy Taylor:

When I am driving, running here and there getting everything done, I listen to books on tape. I go to the library, borrow from church and get them from friends. I have an especially favorite tape on “Success and Your Attitude.” It deals on stress with humor. Sometimes I feel that this is the only sane thing to do, and I learn at the same time. So when a good book comes out, I am more apt to look for that book on tape.

drive time

Make your drive time work for you – By Lynn Woolslayer:

When I am driving around town, dropping off, picking up or waiting somewhere for someone or something, I try to have something with me to do while waiting. I will write thank you cards, postcards to friends, do knitting (no counting required), balance the checkbook. I also might take a book along that I have been wanting to read. As the mother of six kids, I don’t get much time to do these things at home. I hope this gives somebody an idea for something to do the next time they are waiting to pick up dinner at the drive-through window.

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