Making veggies fun

How can I dress up broccoli, lima beans and other vegetables on my kids’ Most Hated List so they’ll eat them? Sometimes I sprinkle low-fat cheese on top. What else would work?

Creamed soups. Like low-fat cheese, this simple topping can entice children to eat the vegetables they don’t like.

There are other ways to get kids to eat their vegetables, though. For instance, let your kids plant a vegetable garden: Not only can it be an exciting activity, but kids are often more likely to eat vegetables they’ve grown themselves. Or play it up if one of their friends likes a vegetable your kids don’t: Peer influence helps.

Also, be sure the adults in your family don’t turn their noses up at certain vegetables, because your kids need positive role models. Keep encouraging your kids to retry the disliked vegetable from time to time. If this doesn’t work, sneak it in with their favorites!

Try to give funny names to the veeggies, they will feel like playing!

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