MANGANESE produce mother’s milk

Manganese is used by the body to produce energy, some enzymes and mother’s milk. It is used for normal fat and protein metabolism, to support the immune system and helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Manganese is contributes to healthy bone growth and the formation of cartilage and synovial fluid (lubrication) in the joints.)

Manganese has many functions in the body. In the first stage acts as a coenzyme, which facilitates many metabolic processes in the body. Benefits of manganese in the body are numerous. It is involved in bone formation, participates in thyroid function, connective tissue formation, is involved in sex hormone function, calcium absorption, normalizes blood sugar levels in immune function and metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

As you probably noticed, manganese is an important mineral in nutrition. To give your body nutrients, eat raw fruits and vegetables. Another great benefit is the high amount of water, which helps in re-optimal level of fluid in the body, do not forget that we are 70% water and we need it.

Moreover, manganese plays an essential role in the central nervous system as an antioxidant to toxic forms of oxygen, but is beneficial for glucose tolerance. In addition, manganese delay the natural aging process. Activating many enzymes which are necessary for the biotin, thiamine and vitamin C, participates in the synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol.

It may be a mineral extremely important in treating diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy and schizophrenia. The body needs to break down amino acids manganese and energy production. It is involved in the metabolism of vitamin B1 and E.

Natural Sources of Manganese

Nuts, seaweed, legumes, dandelion, alfalfa, blueberries, seeds, avocados, chamomile, lemongrass, whole grains, pineapples, fennel seed, dried peas, leafy green vegetables, ginseng, parsley, fenugreek and peppermint.

Natural Sources of Manganese

10 mg

Deficiency Symptoms
Memory loss, hypertension, atherosclerosis, confusion, convulsions, high cholesterol levels and irritability.

Overdose Symptoms

* Only small amounts of manganese are required in the diet. * Manganese is required for utilization of iron, vitamin B1 and vitamin E.

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