Montasio or Carnia and Vivaro cheese

montasio or carnia and vivaro cheese Production area: Andreis, Barcis, Codroipo, Maniago, Paularo, Pradamano, Prada-maggiore, Sedegliano, Socchieve, Spilimbergo, Tolmezzo, Travesio, Vivaro (Friuli).

montasio or carnia and vivaro cheese

Montasio, also called Carnia, is a cooked and pressed cheese. The average type has a fat content ranging from 28 to 30%. It is available for consumption in the first month of life, but is more flavorful after the third month. To be attractive must not exceed two years.

The Vivaro cheese, a type of Montasio, has a yellowish paste with an intense flavor. It should be consumed nor too young nor too old. It is good after the third month of life. It has a high nutritional value and high caloric value.

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