Moxibustion is similar to acupuncture

Moxibustion – This is similar to acupuncture.

Material obtained from certain plants ( Artemisia) is ignited and used to warm the tissues. It may be placed directly on the skin or wrapped round the handle of the needle. Sometimes this is done at ordinary acupuncture points but there are also some special moxibustion points.


Moxa is the name of a plant (Japanese: “mokusa”) whose Latin name is Artemisia vulgaris Latiflora. Far from being a rare plant, is a ubiquitous weed, Which is known as “Wormwood Black”. Moxa has a long history of use in the acupuncture or as an alternative to needles, whether those additional method. The main effect of moxa is the warming of the body.

Moxa is of many types and can be used in several ways. It can be used directly on acupuncture points as small clumps which warm the acupuncture point. Another way is to use moxa on the handle needles. For this, we use a purified version that looks like a cotton fiber. This handle fits the needle and burns without flame. The heat generated is conducted in-depth action. Finally there are moxa sticks that look like thick pencils, which are set on fire and heat that large areas or acupuncture points without touching the skin.
Moxa is used whenever pathology involving the lack of yang (heat) or pathology was triggered by the cold. Moxa is generally agreed by patients, both for warmth and to smell nice.

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