Mystic and Mysteries

Old secrets from the past. Misticism, gods, beliefs!

Truth about Death?

IT’S SCARY. IT’S mysterious! It’s inevitable! It’s our old friend, Death! We’re all heading toward it. There’s no way around it and there’s no turning back. But what happens to us after we die — if anything — is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Is there a heaven and/or a hell? What’s the afterlife like? …

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The Real Jesus

When I read the Bible, I understand the big picture. This is because I am willing to look closely at the details and interpret them with a twenty-first century mindset, not a 2000- to 4000-year-old one. The multitude of angels, lights, fire, clouds, and pillars from heaven that the authors thought so important to write …

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China’s snow man

A Chinese scientific expedition will set off this month on a search for human-like ape-men in remote mountain areas of central China, the Xinhua news agency said Wednesday. The scientists hope to capture one of the creatures — dubbed China’s “Big Foot” — or at least find evidence to prove its existence, the agency said. …

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Natural laws

Natural laws and Universal principles must exist. Even those with unimproved powers of perception are aware of the obvious and popular “Principle of Cause and Effect.” The dedicated student of Universal Principles is rewarded with a clear understanding of Universal Order, and the desire to apply this order to their own existence. Application of Natural …

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