Native Plants: Up Close and Personal

Native plants have recently become the answer for those gardeners who are tired of pampering fancy exotic imports with toxic chemicals. Because they grow here naturally, many natives are less labor intensive than their finicky cousins from across the sea.

For those of you new to the gardening game, here’s the news: The native plant “movement” is in full swing and many terrific natives are readily available at nurseries throughout the area.

While it’s true that many natives are less troublesome and needy than “introduced exotics”, you may be confused as to where to go in the Washington metropolitan area to view our local native plants in their natural environment or in plantings that enhance their attributes. With more and more of the area being built over in concrete, asphalt, and steel, it may seem like there’s little natural habitat left, but despair not.

The Washington metropolitan area is a horticultural wonderland. In fact, many terrific – albeit hidden – natural gardens, preserved woodlands, meadows, and wetlands exist around the beltway to spur you on in your quest for knowledge of plants and their habitats.

Here then, are a few of the best:

Top public gardens with Native Plants in Washington D.C.

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