Natural laws

Natural laws and Universal principles must exist. Even those with unimproved powers of perception are aware of the obvious and popular “Principle of Cause and Effect.” The dedicated student of Universal Principles is rewarded with a clear understanding of Universal Order, and the desire to apply this order to their own existence.

Application of Natural Principles can reveal the essence of ones being. When confronted with such revelations, one must redefine values or discard ideals that are perceived as complex and confusing. As comprehension is developed, truth is revealed. To embrace ALL Nature with complete confidence is to embrace the Nature of peace and love.

Effective communication

Effective Communication is the transmission and comprehension of concepts between beings. Comprehension of a concept is determined by ; a shared definition of means between the transmitter and receiver , the transmitters ability to choose words/vibrations that Correspond to the concept , the receivers ability to process all sensory input.

Careful consideration of this concept reveals cause and effect of the learning process, and the great importance of choosing proper words. “Everything Vibrates”, words vibrate. The causal elements of the human learning process are experience, memory, choice and freewill. The constant application of self- truth creates the process of evolution.

Times nature

Time is the measure of Earth. Earth the generator of time. There must be cause for every effect. The effect of time is generated and measured by the Earth’s orbital velocity. Effect measures truth. All measures of time are earthly in nature and therefore unique to planet Earth, the year, month, week, hour, minute, second. Earth causes human conception of time. Earth causes the effect of time.

Imagine we are in a helicopter, hovering high above the sea. Below we can see two islands, one hundred miles apart. A boat leaves one island traveling toward the other. Soon, the boat can see neither island. On one island the boat is in the past, on one island the boat is in the future. Within our technological helicopter, the islands and the boat remain in the present. From our perspective in space, time remains consistent. By earthly measure, we have clearly manipulated the past and future. Time remains consistent only in the present.

Comprehension of this macro-perspective will reveal times nature as earthly measure. Correspondence to this observation reveals the nature of reality as the manifestation of human consciousness in the present. Time is Now.

The Nature of Truths

To the diligent and dedicated student of natural law, the comprehension and corresponding application of universal principles can reveal the nature of all things. To determine the nature of truth one must properly define the word.

  • True: in accordance with fact or reality ; not false or imitation ; in agreement with a principle, original or standard ; having the right form or fit ; legitimate and rightful ; real, genuine, accurate, actual.
  • Truth : the true, actual and real state of a matter ; conformity with fact or reality ; a verified and indisputable principle ; accordance with reality ; the character of being true.

From this one can see the nature of truths are found in reality. Human reality is the manifestation of consciousness through awareness of all sensory input. Therefore, truth must correspond to ones own perception of reality. Reality is the framework of the human experience, individual perception of reality is subjective. If the nature of truth is found in subjective reality the nature of truth must be subjective. This observation reveals the condition of subjective truth.

Imagine you are looking at the end of a log, you perceive it as a circle. Turn the log on its side, you perceive it as a square. Truth is based in reality, subject to human perception. The macro-perspective of this observation sees reality as the effect and measure of all truths. Effect Measures All Truth.

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