Natural methods to calm nerves

Anxiety and nervous tension are part of our life everyday. The stress caused by nerves can lead to the occurrence of heart disease, hypertension, depression and stroke. Although there are numerous medicines/chemicals on the market designed to decrease anxiety, substances that may require a medical prescription, many people prefer to opt for natural therapies to help soothe the nerves.


The message appeared in our lives to help relieve anxiety by releasing muscle tension, and by improvements in pain. Massage can also cause the body to issue serotonine-natural analgesic which increases well-being. Various studies have shown that massage can help reduce anxiety, withdrawal symptoms and stress. When you feel stressed of physically and mentally, are calling to a professional massage to relax muscles and relieve tensions, will make you feel like new.


Yoga is a physical exercise that helps releasing stress by encouraging a deep and quiet respiration. When practicing yoga, to obtain the best results, you must free up the mind and to hold any disruptive going remote. It is very important during breathing exercises, and maintain the body in a State of calm and relaxation.
Hatha Yoga helps in the management of stress because it focuses on the pain and liniștirea mind. In addition, yoga may help in case of symptoms associated with anxiety and nerves, such as high blood pressure and depression. When doing yoga, the body of posts must not be over solicited, pushed to achieve a higher level, but must be left to become flexible in naturally to move naturally. To obtain the maximum benefits, keep in mind all the time and conscious posture and deep breathing.


Use meditation to calm nerves. Meditation helps the mind to relax by the removal of the fore issues, concentrating the mind on a particular word on a specific image or breathing. Meditation is done usually in position cross-seated with feet on a comfortable surface, or can you stretch, but must not be sleepers. Minds remain active during the meditației, but is calm.

View yourself how you go on the road and see a wonderful fine view in front of you. To meditate, you keep your mind focused on the ride, allow any plan or detail to appear, but try always to return to the road and at the scene as a whole. While deeply inspiring meditate – breth, with the help of the nose and mouth breathing. You can meditate, also using a mantra-a sound that make you feel comfortable to you.


Use scents to soothe nerves. Certain flavors/smells gives you energy, while others you induce a State of relaxation. Choose the smells that you can connect to a happy moment of life, to induce a State of pleasure. For example, if in childhood have a garden with roses where you like to spend your time, then the smell of roses might help you to relax.
Experts say that there are certain aromatic oils that can be inhaled directly from the container, such as oil of Sage, camomile and lemon. Hold the container at a distance of approximately 10-12 cm from the front and with the help of the wind made the clout to make the smell by the nose (how do you mirosiți coffee) or put a few drops on a paper towel or tissue and bring closer to the nose to inspire flavor. Inspired once and relax you. Inspired by the three times to induce a State of calm.
There are căndeluțelor of aromatherapy and the possibility that you find in the trade, which utilized the flavor throughout the room. Put in candela water add 10 or more drops of a kind or even mixture of several flavors and a lumănărică încălziți.


Certain herbs induce a State of relaxation and calm nerves. Camomile tea helps – soothe the nerves and can be ingested during the day to a relaxing effect. Motherwort also is a plant which helps to reduce anxiety. St. John’s wort operates as antidepressant medication and as natural anti-anxiety. Lemongrass oil is a natural tea that is considered to have a somewhat sedative effect.Valerian root tea again is indicated to help sleep induction. They are best taken before the rest of the afternoon or night and should be avoided when you have to steer.

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