Natural Treatments for Migraine

The herb feverfew has been regarded as a miracle cure for migraine headaches that can eliminate the need for drugs.

In one study, migraine victims who took feverfew capsules for six months were relatively free of migraines. In another study, the herb reduced the incidence of migraines by 25% and their severity dramatically.

In some women, migraine attacks are linked to the menstrual cycle, suggesting a hormonal cause. In this case hormone balancing treatment may help (chaste tree is a good herb for this problem.)

Migraines can also be triggered by stress, changes in eating or sleeping habits, certain drugs or environmental irritants. Chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, MSG, aged cheese, red wine, artificial sweeteners, nitrites, nicotine, and certain drugs are all potential triggers of migraine headaches. Migraines have also been blamed on “reactive hypoglycemia”, the plunge in serum insulin levels that follows a precipitous rise after you overdose on sugar.

Homoepathic remedies are also used to treat migraines – there are various remedies prescribed depending on the symptoms of the headache.

An amino acid called DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA) can be taken as a natural pain killer when a migraine develops. It works by producing and activating morphine-like hormones called endorphins. People who suffer from chronic pain have lower levels of endorphin activity in their blood and cerebrospinal fluid. Since DLPA can restore normal endorphin levels, it can thereby assist the body in reducing pain naturally – without the use of drugs.

The effect of DLPA often equals or exceeds that of morphine and other opiate derivatives, but it is non-addictive. DLPA provides increasingly effective pain relief over time, has strong anti-depressant action, and is non-toxic. It can provide continuous pain relief for up to a month without additional medication and can be combined with any other medication or therapy to increase benefits without adverse reactions. A caution is that DLPA is contraindicated during pregnancy and for people with phenylketonuria. Because it elevates blood pressure, people with heart conditions or hypertension should check with a Dr. before starting DLPA. While DLPA greatly benefits most who use it, 5 to 15% of users do not respond to DLPA’s analgesic properties.

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